Supported Platforms/Browsers

B&E Internet Banking is currently supported and has been tested using Windows Vista, Windows 7 and MacOS 9 or above. Any other computing platforms whilst unsupported, operating systems such as Unix and Linux should be able to run B&E Ltd Internet Banking provided the minimum browser requirements and browser settings below are used as a guide.

B&E Internet Banking has been tested under the main browser platforms in use today, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. No other browser platforms have been tested/are supported at this stage.

PC Users


The following browsers are supported and fully tested for the PC platform in the B&E Ltd Internet Banking environment:

  • Internet Explorer version 8 and above;
  • Mozilla Firefox 10 and above.

If you do not have the required versions of this software, the login page will re-direct you to appropriate links where you may download the latest versions of the software for use.

Internet Explorer 8 Settings

This setting is independent from all other versions of Internet Explorer and by default is turned off which won't allow you to download transaction statement files.

  • Firstly open "Tools" then "Internet Options"
  • Click the "Security" Tab then click the "Custom Level" button.
  • Now look at the screenshot below and make sure that the "File Download" radio button is enabled
enable file download
  • Click "Ok" to¬†apply the changes, and "Ok" again to close the "Internet Options" dialog box and apply all changes. You should now be able to¬†download transaction statement files.

Mozilla Firefox Settings

In addition to the minimum version requirement of Mozilla Firefox 10 or above, please check your browser settings agree with the highlighted settings below. You can find these settings via your browser Tools Options menu on the Content TAB and the block popup windows exceptions button.

options content

allow popups

MacOS Users


B&E Internet Banking is supported when using Safari and its default browser settings.

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