27 July 2017

We are always looking for ways to improve our internet banking service to make your banking as easy and convenient as possible.

Read more about our most recent enhancements below:

28 June 2017

Changes to internet banking system requirements

B&E’s internet banking works best if your operating system and internet browser are updated to the latest versions.

If you have an older Windows computer with XP or Vista, or Internet Explorer 10 or below, you will need to upgrade by the end of September to ensure uninterrupted banking and to remain secure online.


20 October 2016

Travelling Overseas?

We have updated internet banking to allow you to quickly and easily update us of any travel plans, without the need to drop into a branch or call us.

When you next log in to internet banking, you will see a newly created panel on your welcome screen called ‘Current Notices’ and an ‘Overseas Travel’ banner. Clicking on the banner, will take you to a form where you can update us of any travel arrangements. Fill in the details and click submit and we will know that you are safely enjoying your holiday when we detect transactions in other countries.

After you have sent us your plans this notice will remain on your internet banking home screen, ready for next time you head off on holiday.


31 Aug 2016

Pending Transactions

Allows you to see transactions that have been made, but have not yet been processed. This will include VISA Credit and Debit transactions.

Pending transactions will show instantly in your transaction history, giving you an up to the minute understanding of your financial position.


5 Aug 2016

Statement Options

We have added a new menu item to the Statement Options tab. This allows you to switch from receiving paper based statements to receiving your statements via internet banking.

Receiving your statements online is a more secure option. It also means that you receive your statements more quickly and is better for the environment.

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