19 April 2016

An important reminder to be extremely cautious when asked to provide personal information via email.

We have recently received reports that scammers are emailing people and claiming to be from B&E Personal Banking. The email claims that recipients have a new message and asks them to log-in to internet banking from a link in the email. The link takes them to a fake B&E website designed to capture client login details (if entered).


B&E will NEVER request personal information such as your PIN/password or ask you to login to online services directly from an email.

If you do need to log-in to B&E internet banking for any reason, always do so via our website and NEVER following links in emails.

If you believe your account may have been compromised, or for more information please call our Client Services team on 1300 306 716.

How to detect a scam email:

  • Sent from an unofficial company email address
  • Requests personal information
  • Contains poor spelling and grammar
  • Includes embedded hyperlinks


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