01 September 2013

Act now to make your money work for you!

Here are some great tools you can use to be smarter with your money.

Step 1: Use the free 'Track-My-Spend' app to get a clear picture of what you are spending your money on and gain control of your money.


Step 2: Visit the Money Smart Week website and check out their Money Health Check to see where you can improve in your spending habits.

Step 3: Use our handy budget calculator on our website to plan your day-to-day weekly or monthly spending, or pick up a Money Smart booklet in one of our branches.

Step 4: Call our Client Services team on 1300 306 716 or visit your local branch to make sure that all your account suit your lifestyle and you're minimising fees and earning good interest where applicable.

Step 5: Check out the Money Smart Weeks simple ways you can save money to help you identify areas you could be spending too much.

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