Visa Cards

Having convenient access to your own cash or credit 24/7 for online, overseas or over the phone purchases is simple with B&E's VISA credit and debit card options.

VISA Credit Card

All the features you expect from a credit card accepted at more than 24 million outlets worldwide.

VISA Debit Card

A debit card with all the functionality of a credit card, but using your own money.

Verified by VISA

Shop safely and securely online with our free Verified by VISA service.

Apply Online

Apply for a B&E Visa Credit Card today with our quick and easy online application.

Lost or stolen cards

If you've lost your B&E Debit or Credit Card, or think it may have been stolen, contact us immediately.

The Power of PIN

Using a PIN is thousands of times more secure than a signature. Your signature can be forged, but there are thousands of possible combinations for a 4 digit passcode.

Travelling Overseas

Top tips for safe & secure access to your money overseas with B&E's VISA Credit and Debit Cards.

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